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Two spies dating the same girl

Clover soon realizes that he was suckering all the girls in Beverly Hills High as she continues to spy on him using the Ultra Sensitive Hearing Microphone. This is strange, because during elementary school, she was always bullied by her classmates and mainly by one boy , because they regarded her as being particularly easy to trick, as we are told in the episode " Spies vs. He then speculates about Maclean, suggesting it is possible that he and Burgess could have recruited one another despite the fact he recruited both. Chet, the match Eugene Snit creates for Alex. Clover managed to defeat him by forcing him off the catwalk and onto the floor, much to the shock of all the girls in the entire school. Two spies dating the same girl

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  1. The two men are seen kneeling on the ground and before the boy walks up behind them, appearing to be shooting them both in the back of the head The real deal?

  2. When Clover was ditched by Sam and Alex due to focus of their ideal boyfriends, he used the disguise of a ninja and attacked Clover fearing she was on to him. Snit who arrives behind him and was afraid of her.

  3. Clover then flees after his mother yells at her to either buy her jewelry or leave the store apparently having been fooled by Clover's customer disguise. She was asking him if he goes to Beverly Hiils High. In " Another Evil Boyfriend " Clover wears a light pink sleeveless top with a pink trim and a matching straps along with two ribbons in each sides and the sign "1" on the center of her top which is dark pink, a matching dark pink denim skirt with a ripped design at the edge of her skirt and white warrior flats.

  4. Kim Philby, one of the infamous Cambridge spies, exposed his fellow conspirators to save his own skin as their double lives began to unravel, previously secret files have revealed Philby was eventually unmasked and fled to the Soviet Union to join fellow spies Donald Maclean left and Guy Burgess, but the National Archives at Kew show that he ruthlessly betrayed him years earlier The double agent was eventually unmasked and fled to the Soviet Union in to join them, but official files released by the National Archives at Kew show how he ruthlessly betrayed them years earlier. The ideal boyfriends that he disguises himself as have names, such as Chet, Marco, Flavier, Peter, Roy, Wally and Jason, as mentioned by Clover through his alternate forms. In his Chet form, he has a well-toned accent while talking to Alex.

  5. Trivia In Eugene's alternate forms, he is able to speak in different accents as well as different languages. She was confronted by his mother, Mrs.

  6. During the kitchen fight Clover forced him to retreat, and Clover discovers the letters she saw in the jewelry store earlier.

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