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Java, one of the world's most densely settled places with 2, people per square mile [ per square kilometer] in , occupies 78 percent of the nation's land area but accounts for about 60 percent of Indonesia's population. Muslims and Christians follow the major holidays of their faiths, and in Makassar, for example, the same decorative lights are left up for celebrating both Idul Fitri and Christmas. Among the Javanese or Bugis, for example, the higher the social status of a family, the more likely parents and other relatives will arrange a marriage or veto potential relationships. Aristocratic court culture became a paragon of refined social behavior in contrast to the rough or crude behavior of the peasants or non-Javanese. The I La Galigo of the Bugis, which traces the adventures of their culture hero, Sawerigading, is one of the world's longest epic poems. The Dutch sought to avoid European-style conflict between Protestants and Catholics by assigning particular regions for conversion by each of them. Indonesia girl com

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  1. The colonial regime had an uneasy relationship with Islam, as has the Indonesian government. Husbands come only as visitors to their wife's hearth and bedchamber in the house. Some regions, such as South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, and South Sulawesi, share a long-term Malayo-Muslim coastal influence that gives them similar cultural features, from arts and dress to political and class stratification to religion.

  2. Steamships altered some trade patterns, but the region's strategic location between East and South Asia and the Middle East remains. When Christians and Muslims were segregated on different islands or in different regions, relations were amicable. Indonesia is an island nation, but fish plays a relatively small part in the diets of the many people who live in the mountainous interiors, though improved transportation makes more salted fish available to them.

  3. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Bugis transvestite healers serve aristocratic and commoner households in dealing with misfortune, often becoming possessed in order to communicate with the source of misfortune. Guests are served with a slight bow, and elders are passed by juniors with a bow.

  4. The ubiquitous Javanese ritual, selamatan , is marked by a meal between the celebrants and is held at all sorts of events, from life-cycle rituals to the blessing of new things entering a village.

  5. The most common and widely used colloquial Indonesian is heavily influenced by Betawi language , a Malay-based creole of Jakarta , amplified by its popularity in Indonesian popular culture in mass media and Jakarta's status as the national capital. Transmigration, the organized movement of people from rural Java to less populated outer island areas in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and West Papua, was begun by the Dutch early in the twentieth century and is continued vigorously by the Indonesian government.

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