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How to tongue kiss your girlfriend

Patches of spots on the tongue reflects an allergic constitution, such as eczema and asthma. Share 17k shares The man is seen bleeding from the tongue and crying in pain left. Come in close, open-mouth, then tongue, then enjoy for a minute, then gradually back out. This is often caused by stress. Okay, you seem to have the go-ahead for tongue. Other Ideas on How to Make Kissing Extra Special If you find that you're in a long kissing-only make-out session, you might want to throw in a little worship of her entire beautiful face. How to tongue kiss your girlfriend

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  1. An open mouth is a step in the process and it deserves its rightful place between the closed-mouth kiss and the more intimate kiss. From here on out, it's up to you.

  2. From a Woman for Women 1. Treat with warming herbs such as garlic, ginger and cinnamon. That's the sort of thing you do to a child, not a woman.

  3. Come in close, open-mouth, then tongue, then enjoy for a minute, then gradually back out. Enlarge In Chinese medicine, a red tongue shows heat.

  4. Police officer Wu Changfeng told btime. That slowness is much sexier than "a moment later, his tongue was in every corner of her mouth.

  5. This is caused by too much dairy and sugar in the blood. If every other man she's dated has started with hard lips, what she'll notice is that you have started the kiss out right where all others have failed. Once you've reached her lips, spend a little time letting those soft lips of yours brush against hers.

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