Dirty things girls do. Billy stares at Lisa like he wants to eat her soul.

Dirty things girls do

That's, like, a down payment on a Toyota Corolla. However, you don't learn until later that he offers private dance lessons — a fact that becomes evident when the Housemans watch Johnny dancing with a woman named Vivian. Unless, apparently, you're the Housemans. Did everyone have their own cabin? Check it out here to learn how. But Billy — the cousin of Swayze's Johnny Castle character — didn't get the credit he deserves. I wore these panties just for you. Dirty things girls do

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  1. Before we can break free from these addictions, we need to admit our true condition and know exactly where we are. The line, "My, that's a big one," spoken by Scorpio when Callahan removes his gun, was an ad-lib by Robinson.

  2. Watching as an adult, with the context of his future iconic roles, you half expect Dirty Dancing's Stan to break out a can of shaving cream and start sneaking out the DNA of rich people or for Jerry Seinfeld to pop out and say, " Hello, Newman. I wish we could just stay in bed and have sex all day long — Perfect when he is leaving your place to keep the sexual tension high.

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