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Bus Tours

Since Gardiner is the only year around entrance into Yellowstone National Park, we are fortunate to be able to provide wildlife tours Year Round into Yellowstone Park. Travel in comfort and style in one of our mini buses or Vans.  Our experienced guides will give you the unique opportunity to view the parks abundant wildlife and one of a kind geological features in the beautiful Yellowstone landscape.  During the winter, tours are limited to the Lamar Valley area in the park, but also can take you to the wildlife which has already made their winter migration out of the park to the winter grazing areas near Gardiner.

On your way to Lamar Valley you will cross the 45th parallel, at which point you will be exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator. Once you cross the 45th parallel you travel north to Mammoth Hot Springs where you may take a foot tour of the World famous Mammoth Terraces of Yellowstone and visit the newly remodeled Albright Visitors Center.

We continue on our tour from mammoth by crossing the Gardiner River bridge constructed in 1939, and toward the Lamar Valley.  Lamar Valley is home to Bison, Elk, Coyotes, Bears and of course wolves. Wolves first arrived in Yellowstone on Jan. 12 1995. It was here in Lamar Valley that they were first reintroduced. A perfect landing spot for the apex predator due to the great abundance of Bison and Elk. Yellowstone is the home to the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states.

Yellowstone Year Round Safaris offers a Wolf Discovery Safari. This is an early morning departure trip offered year round, but is only accessible from the north entrance in the winter. This trip will concentrate on finding and viewing the wolves of Yellowstone in their undisturbed natural state.

We also offer Tours into the interior of Yellowstone Park mid April until the first of November. Offering Private charters for your family or group with experienced Park trained guides who will provide you with a memorable tour for your group or Family.  Daily tours following the Upper Loop or Lower Loop of Yellowstone providing educational stops at the most popular features with short hikes available depending on your groups interests and abilities.

Your tour will include box lunches, snacks and drinks on the trail. Your Guide will also provide binoculars and spotting scopes for superior wild life viewing.