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Basshunter dating girl his videos

You feel no pain. During the reign of the mad Chief Judge Cal, two Judges ordered to keep Dredd captive let him get away, and fear that Cal will do something horrible and possibly lethal to them as punishment. The punishment for mages who break The Masquerade — being turned into an ermine for anywhere from six months to a few years. First he gets abandoned by everyone for ten years, then gets his arm broken and an energy spike through his right eye and out the back of his head, blown up, stabbed through the chest with two electric tentacles, shot in the chest with a terawatt laser, chewed on by a giant fish, pile-drivered headfirst into the dirt twice, blown up again, dunked into a volcano, splashed with acid, smashed from orbit, stuffed into a sensory deprivation tank for a night, choked, gets his arms and head ripped off, dissolved into LCL for a month, mind-raped, stabbed in the neck and chest, and then disemboweled by nine winged monsters with spears! The captain might want to read us some of his poetry first Well, sucks to be you". Basshunter dating girl his videos

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  2. Umehito Nekozawa of Ouran High School Host Club is subjected to "evil beam" torture when he fails to act princely enough and returns to his old ways. A rare hero-on-villain example occurs; Jesse uses his Compelling Voice to force Hoover to count three million grains of sand on a beach. And it's always fun when one character has such offbeat tastes that he or she enjoys the experience.

  3. John Wayne is married to Oscar Wilde. Butch and Cassidy tortured Professor Oak in one episode by scratching a pane of glass with a nail. In the manga-only finale, it seems Hiei found a way to please his "girlfriend" Mokuro.

  4. A later episode has Urd go further by forcing Skuld to look at a whole table full of useless machines just moving around after the latter committed a graver offense. But because Elder Toguro has endless regenerative abilities, he cannot die, and will thus spend eternity in a nightmare from which he will never awake. In one story arc Ryo had been made impotent by the antidote to the poison of a killer bee.

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